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Replacement buttons for Sanza clip zip


Assuming I can fix the battery issue, this machine could also do with some new buttons as some of them have got pretty unreliable (very annoying when fast-forwarding as that can turn into 'skip past 4 podcasts'). Does anyone know the spec of the buttons in use or where to get replacements. I guess I could just measure them and try to find something from farnell or digikey, but hopefully others have gone before me?

problem with the clipzip is the buttons are on a ribbon cable
it uses those little metal domes
I had some luck with peeling the clear plastic off and cleaning with isopropyl and cleaned the domes & pads with fine steel wool
It has since failed again (lasted about 6 more months) next time I'll add new clear tape to seal it better

I had to take the device apart release the clasp and then pop the button pad clips
I think you could just pop the button pad but the long way is probably safer

when splitting the case make sure to eject sd card and remove everything plugged
start at a corner and lever with a credit card (will probably get destroyed don't use an important one)
DO NOT pry over the sd slot it will break

I stripped down my Zip about 2 years ago to see if I could do anything to address the bad keys, but shelved the project when I looked closely at that ribbon.  Forunatley I kept the bits and with your encouragement Bilgus I did as you had done and now my Zip is working 100%.  I did wonder what demand there may be for a new ribbon and what people might be prepared to pay for it.  While I had the ribbon open I did take a couple of accurate photos from which I could produce an accurate vectorised cad drawing and ultimately brief a manufaturer for a low volume rerun.  I don’t suppose this could ever be an ecconomic undertaking.

@Timbergetter -- GREAT glad to have another target still in the wild
No clue on the demand but being that they are going for $150+ I'd be willing to spend 20% for a perfect repair like $25-30


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