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Is it at all possible to get an old theme back?

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Hum I must be amnesic.

I actually already talked about this theme and issue back to 2014:

I contacted the author on 21/04/2014:

--- Quote ---Hello there,

I wanted to know why your TI83 theme is not available anymore on the rockbox website?

Did you remove it intentionally?,48168.0.html suggests that it was no longer working. I can help you fixing it if necessary. I already fixed several themes here,24.0.html which were broken due to kugel’s commit;a=commit;h=4e1c690

--- End quote ---

His reply:

--- Quote ---Hi!
I guess I was too busy to figure out why the theme was broken. I haven't used my Sansa in a while.
It'd be awesome if you could help fix it! Thankfully, I still have the files
--- End quote ---

But it looks like I didn't fix and re-upload the theme afterwards  :(

Will see if I find time and motivation to fix it..

edit: almost done at fixing it!

Here you are  :)

Now just have to hope the original poster (GigaG) actually comes back to find it!


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