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--- Quote from: Frankenpod on October 11, 2021, 01:52:03 PM ---You don't say in exactly what way the WPS isn't working.
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Sorry, it doesn't show up - at all - I get, what I believe is - the Rockbox fail-safe screen.

--- Quote from: Frankenpod on October 11, 2021, 01:52:03 PM ---The change mentioned in that other thread would mean the text not appearing - is that the problem you are having?  If not, what exactly does the WPS look like?  In what way is it not working?

Is it any better if you change to a smaller font?

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Obviously see above.

The manual install would be dandy, but, the 3.15 file is called "", all I can find is "".  Note the e200 for V3.15 vs. the c200 for V3.14. Not sure if that okay.

Try the latest dev version we don't fix bugs in releases 5 years old


--- Quote from: Bilgus on October 11, 2021, 04:58:41 PM ---Try the latest dev version we don't fix bugs in releases 5 years old

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I wouldn't expect you to, but FYI I did - same problem.

I just wanna put 3.14 back on a v2.

***************** UPdate **********************

FINALLY found e200_v2 3.14 firmware. Manually installed, then installed fonts and the skin and copied over the config.cfg over and HELLO NURSE!

I'll see in a wee while if it lasts.

I don't have a way to update the theme but here is the fix


--- Code: ---iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango_small.bmp
viewers iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango_small_viewers.bmp

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---#Theme Name: Friskys2 (based on Friskys)
#Author: M. Loster (original Theme: T. Kliemann)
#Platform: Sandisk Sansa E200 (176x220)
#Rockbox version 3.7+
#Version: 1.0, Mar 10, 2011
#Licenced CC-BY-SA 3.0
selector type: bar (gradient)
statusbar: off
scrollbar: right
foreground color: E7E7E7
background color: 000000
line selector start color: ff8605
line selector end color: ff8605
line selector text color: 000000
font: /.rockbox/fonts/14-Nimbus.fnt
wps: /.rockbox/wps/Friskys2.wps
sbs: /.rockbox/wps/
fms: /.rockbox/wps/Friskys2.fms
iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango_icons.12x12.bmp
viewers iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango_icons_viewers.12x12.bmp
backdrop: Friskys2.bmp
ui viewport: 5,40,166,146,-,-,-

--- End code ---

I'm not sure what the %Sx directive was for but I don't see it in the engine..
FrankenPod figured it out

--- Code: ---# Filesize / Dir Name
#%s%ar%fs %Sx(KB)

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---%wd

# Virtual LED

# Hold

# Shuffle

# Charging

# Repeat Mode

# Playback Mode

# Volume

# Battery
%t(0.5) %?bl<%xd(Ba)|%xd(Bb)|%xd(Bb)|%xd(Bc)|%xd(Bd)|%xd(Be)|%xd(Bf)|%xd(Bg)|%xd(Bh)|%xd(Bi)|%xd(Bj)>;%?bl<%t(0)|%t(0.5)%xd(Ba)|%t(0)|%t(0)|%t(0)|%t(0)|%t(0)|%t(0)|%t(0)|%t(0)|%t(0)>

# Tape Travel - complex ;)
%t(0.1) %?mp<|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Af)|%xd(Ac)|%xd(Aa)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Aa)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Aa)|%xd(Ac)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Aa)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)>;%t(0.1) %?mp<|%xd(Ae)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ac)|%xd(Aa)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Aa)|%xd(Ac)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)>;%t(0.1) %?mp<|%xd(Af)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ac)|%xd(Aa)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Ac)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Aa)|%xd(Ac)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Ac)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)>;%t(0.1) %?mp<|%xd(Ag)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ab)>;%t(0.3) %?mp<|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ac)|%xd(Aa)>

# Battery (Text) / Sleep Timer
%s%t(5)%al%bvV%ar%bl%%;%s%t(5)%ac%bt;%?bs<%t(5)%ac%s%Sx(Sleep Timer): %bs|%t(0)>

# Volume (Text) / Clock / Date / Pitch
%t(5)%?mv(3)<%alVOL%ar%pvdB|%ac%?cf<%cH:%cM:%cS|%cI:%cM %cP>>;%t(5)%?mv(3)<%alVOL%ar%pvdB|%ac%cy/%cm/%cd>;%?Sp<%t(5)%ac%s%Sx(Pitch): %Sp|%t(0)>

# Title (Filename)
%s%ar%?it<%it|%Sx(<Untagged>): %fn>

# Artist (Dir name) / Album (../Dir name) / Track / Year
%t(8)%s%ar%?ia<%ia|%?d(1)<[%d(1)]|[root]>>;%t(6)%s%ar%?id<%id|%?d(2)<%?ia<|../[%d(2)]>|%?ia<|../[root]>>>%?in<%?id< - %Sx(Tracknum) %in|%Sx(Tracknum) %in>|>%?iy< - %iy|>

# Playlist Num / Playlist Name
%s%ar%# %pp/%pe %?pn<"%pn"|>

# Next Track (Next Filename)
%s%ar%?It<%Sx(Next:) %It - %?Ia<%Ia|>|%?Fm<%Sx(Next:) %Sx(<Untagged>): %Fm|>>

# Bitrate / Sample Rate / RepGain
%s%ar%fbk %?fv<VBR|CBR> %fkk %?rg<%Sx(Replaygain): %(%Sx(Off)%)|%Sx(Replaygain): %rg|%Sx(Replaygain): %rg|%Sx(Replaygain): %rg|%Sx(Replaygain): %rg|>

# Filesize / Dir Name
%s%ar%fs %Sx(KiB)

# Track Time (Current / Total)

# Codec

# PBar

# Peak Meter

--- End code ---

IIRC %Sx(text) causes the text in the brackets to be translated to the current language choice.

And if I also remember correctly, if it's used with text that doesn't have a translation listed, it makes the theme fall over.  I remember a long time ago thinking that was unfortunate/awkward and it would be better if it just fell back to using the untranslated English

I don't know if that's the problem the theme is having - because my conversion to 320x240 has that line still in it, and it works on the ipod classic (at least it did when I made it).  It might depend on what translations exist for each version of rockbox - perhaps the sansa with later rockbox versions doesn't have a translation listed for "KB"?


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