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IPOD Video 5.5 - accessory protocol questions

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Hi there.

I have a couple different memorex speaker docks i like to use. The thing is that at first each one had full response to the buttons on the little remote when in Rockbox. Then after a day or so, that response quit happening.  Now only the buttons that are from the dock hardware itself work (volume/power) work.  I am running a self compiled build from early september 2021 code. Is there any kind of reset/etc i can try to do to get this to work again?  I am really at a loss, and was really happy whith being able to do the remote things with Rockbox.

Have you changed the Rockbox USB HID setting? That changes whether Rockbox responds to one of my docks using a 7th Gen iPod.

Thanks for the suggestion!

What settings make it work with the dock ?

I think the setting is just yes/no, or on/off. Try changing to the other setting from the current one.

No difference.
Oh well…
Thanks for the suggestion.


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