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Delay FM radio output to sync with live sports


Delay FM radio output to sync with live sports!

Buck and Aikman, no more please!

My Fuze FM radio works fine.... if only I could pause the playback/output with a delay of around 12 seconds...

I do this by chase-playing the radio commentary on another PVR to the one I use to watch the event on TV.

But as this is for portable devices I guess you mean while watching in a pub?  I have yet to find a solution for that except that DAB radio )I am in the UK) is about two seconds ahead of Sky satellite TV which is perfect for cricket and tolerable for other sports.  Only problem with that is that DAB radio reception where I live is marginal and is killed when I go into any pub.

Some Rockbox support players have FM. Sansa Fuze is one. I believe one can "record" radio to the flash storage....  If record could be backgrounded, couldn't it then be played back, and delayed via pause to a tolerable sync point ?

Do any devices support simultaneously playing back and recording audio? I think that may be the hard part, although I never looked into it.


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