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Bug in recent versions for scrolling ant-aliased text

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Yeah, not saying one could call it a 'bug'.  Just wondering if it is a change if it would affect other existing themes.  I suspect in most cases clipped viewports are not scrolling ones, though, so that might be why I never noticed this behavior before, maybe it's not even new?

Incidentally, I think both poppetaa and teppopaa might benefit from having a line in the .cfg file to clear any existing backdrop, i.e.

--- Code: ---backdrop: -
--- End code ---

I thought for a moment they had a bug, but it was just that when you switch to them you keep the backdrop from the previous theme, which can make them look a bit 'wrong'.

I originally added the code to stop corruption outside viewports

that being said this should still do so and appears to have no adverse effect

its fixed in todays dev build

Thanks for the help with this, Bilgus and Frankenpod, I'll work on my themes this weekend.


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