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Bug in recent versions for scrolling ant-aliased text

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Hi. I'm using a 2TB iFlash iPod classic 7th Gen, and recently updated from the standard release as a precaution against SD card storage issues. I also recently made new versions of my themes with anti-aliased fonts. These are poppetaa and teppopaa.

Everything seemed OK, until I played a track with title/artist/album text that was long enough to overflow the screen and should then scroll. I found that the text did not appear on screen at all, just an empty line for that entry. Changing theme to the old versions, poppet and teppop, makes the standard font text scroll OK.

This failed with build 4ba323147-210905, so I updated today to 412e76b487-210921, and the problem remains.

Reverting to 3.15, however, makes the text scroll as expected with the anti-aliased fonts.

does making your viewport properly sized for the font help?
poppetta,wps line 36
%V(0,18,320,16,3) => %V(0,18,320,19,3)

Is that, nonetheless, new behaviour?

'Cos I think I've occasionally used viewports slightly too short for the font they use, if I know it will only be displaying numerals, so no descenders.  It didn't seem to have that effect (i.e. the text not appearing at all), it would IIRC, just cut off any descenders if any alphabetical characters were in the viewport, so if it was just numeric characters (e.g. track playing time) it would work fine.

Seems that sometimes changes to the code means small 'errors' like that in WPS scripts are not 'forgiven' the way they used to be, thus breaking existing themes.

Sure its different but its also not a bug

Sorry ment to add that I was looking into allowing clipping (depending if it breaks other things) but ill have to get back to that
this goes back to the scroll engine so your short vp don't have scrolling they wouldn't get cut off


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