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Bah, I've re-read it. It does still have the stupid 8-bit core.

I've looked everywhere around the internet to find some way to make my MP3 player not look like garbage. The original S1MP3 website is a shell, basically containing a version of S1FWX and S1RES that can't make use of any of the newer S1 Players because development stopped around 2009, and players were starting to not work around 2011, hence the date.

Hopefully, someone with some more expertise in coding and interest in these cheap players could try something again. I say again as there were attempts before, such as:
And project SWAN. (On Archived S1MP3 wiki, currently unavailable.)

I vaguely remember that some basic tools existed for changing logos and text on s1mp3 players, but I don't think there was much more than that. You could spend hundreds or thousands of hours reverse engineering your players and developing new software for it, but since it's a 15 years old platform with very limited hardware, it probably makes more sense to buy something modern with a conventional CPU if you want to get into firmware development.

Regardless, no rockbox port, and anyway this is a duplicate of the older threads on the s1, so I'm closing this.


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