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I created an account specifically to ask about these things.

Even though in the rules it says that port requests are forbidden, I feel like that should be the exception for these things, as the problem of varying parts for one set of them wouldn't be one anymore.

There's also now a scarce amount of information about these types of players. Almost any resource about them have been pretty much dead for years now, despite these players being just as common as they were years ago.

Is there still any hope for any of these players now?

Do you mean these S1 MP3 players from 10-15 years ago?

Those, and some newer ones that have apparently been made or produced around 2013-2015, which is mine.

The old ones have simple 8 bit CPUs which cannot run rockbox.  No idea about newer ones.

Well, I found a post that had the same specs to mine. Here it is:;wap2


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