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best 2021 upgrade for Iriver iHP-120?

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Hey there,

I would like to upgrade a Iriver iHP-120 possibly with a 1TB storage disk (or even more?). I am not necessarily looking for the cheapest option but reasonably easy to find online disks/adapters that won't cause frequent SATA errors or other system instabilties such as freezing screens when using the player.

Any advice will be appreciated!

ps: For many years I have been the happy owner of another Iriver iHP-120 upgraded to Rockbox 3.12 with a Mach Xtreme 120GB SSD but nowadays it seems impossible to find any of these babies.

Sorry didn't see your post until now. I would suggest first upgrading the bootloader to latest V8 one. I prepared it some time ago to resolve some issues with CF cards.

As for storage your best bet is probably an SD card to CF adapter as these are the cheapest way to get high storage capacity these days. I would suggest trying the iFlash SD to CF adapter and using one of the CF to 1.8" 50 pin adapters.

Just to comment on the SD-CF adapter suggestion; they're very hit and miss. I tried upgrading from a 4GB CF card to a 128GB SD card with CF adapter (one of these QUMOX ones from Amazon) and it only results in various errors in my iHP-120 with Bootloader v8.

On the other hand, a 128GB SanDisk Extreme CF (SDCFXSB-128G-G46) works just fine.

I still use the PATA - ZIF - msata converter set with 1TB msata SSD.
Works perfectly. Recommend it.
Described many times in other topics.
Good luck

Good comments, thx for sharing everyone. My HDD just gave up, and it gave me no time to prepare to switch to a solid state storage alternative (as far as I remember the device was booting still from the HDD(.
Any tips or pointers to recover functionality in the device? (ie most recommended adaptor and memory type, flashing procedure w/o storage -ie serial/TTL-, or anything else worthy to explore?)
Thanks in advance, Wolf.


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