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Odd installation experience on an iPod 7G 160 GB


I tried to install Rockbox on a 7th Gen 160 GB iPod Classic. Before install I wiped it using iTunes, then ran through the installation process on Windows. The mount point for the iPod was H:\

After the iPod reboots with the new boot loader, something mounts as H:\ and the iPod mounts as I:\.

Windows then wants to format the H: drive. It formats it as a 192 MB drive and the Rockbox installer installs itself on H:\. I then reboot and the boot loader tells me to plug the machine in via USB.  I did that and I got the H:\ and I:\ drive again. I then copied the .rockbox folder from H: to I: and rebooted. Then Rockbox loaded successfully.

What exactly happened here?


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