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SOLVED Tagnavi_custom MAX SIZE?

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Been putting some decent time into making a cool custom genre database page and Ive found that if I add anymore code, it seems to break the viewer and how it's supposed to work.

Is there a limit to the size and length of the tagnavi_custom file? Or what could be the issue? I know its not the code, because if I remove any part to make it smaller it starts to work as expected again.

Any ideas? ???



--- Quote from: Buzkill on August 31, 2021, 09:08:18 AM ---Is there a limit to the size and length of the tagnavi_custom file?
--- End quote ---

--- Code: ---#define TAGMENU_MAX_ITEMS  64
#define TAGMENU_MAX_FMTS   32
--- End code ---
See here:

Actually, sorry, I think I sent you to the wrong place. This seems to be the relevant piece of code:

--- Code: ---#define TAGCACHE_MAX_CLAUSES 32
--- End code ---

Wait, no, now I'm confusing myself. I was right before (I think).  :D

Im not quite sure what your pointing out :D is it something i can change or no?
I mean obviously i can change the value and recompile, but why did they pick that limit to begin with?

Would be interested to know how high you could push that without major problems but i have no clue what it would effect


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