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Removing Multipal Tracks from Playlist based on Selected id3 Tag


The ability to remove all tracks in the current playlist that match the selected id3 tag would be a very cool feature. Listening to a randomly made playlist but then realizing that a few of the tracks don't fit in, and so instead of having to look through the list of possibly thousands of songs, you select the artist or whatever in the database browser and in the playlist menu, as well as the "add to play option" have a "remove from playlist."

Now this was brought up a long while back (2006),6456.msg91876.html#msg91876 and I'm interested as to the technical reasons  why this might not  be implemented or why this is not possible?

I just don't see a reason rockbox wouldn't be able to do such a task, even if the playlist is a list of files, it should be able to then look at said files and look for a matching tag, no? It does this for the entire database when "adding" to playlist, why cant it do it for a smaller sub section(the current playlist)?


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