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iRiver h120 recording with external XLR mic vs. plugin-power



I'm thinking of getting a XLR female to minijack male cable to be able to connect an external (dynamic) XLR mic for recording.

Now afaik the h120 provides so called 'plugin-in power' on the mic/line in (which can't be turned off),
is this correct?

Because this article by Shure got me stumped:

--- Quote ---Difference between bias (plug-in power) and phantom power?
A dynamic microphone should not be connected to an input that uses the same conductor for audio and bias (such as some wireless transmitters). It this happens, the frequency response of the mic may change and the signal can become distorted. If a dynamic microphone must be connected to an input with combined audio and bias, a blocking capacitor must be used. The blocking capacitor is placed in series with the “hot” conductor of the microphone and will pass the audio that is present and block the bias voltage. The capacitor must have a high enough capacitance to pass the signal without degradation.

--- End quote ---

Anyone knows more about it or has this done already?


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