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Threw rockbox on my old iPod 4g greyscale and So far  I've been almost 100% effective at modifying my main menu items to read as I like them (closer to stock)
By just modifying the English.lng file with the wording I like. But by doing so it seems that I've introduced/uncovered some kind of bug, because after the modification, everything reads correctly except that now any setting with Yes/No option, the word “YES" does not appear anymore. It's just a blank line. It still works abs I can highlight the option, it just seems the word "yes" is broken. Any ideas why this would happen?

Here is a list of the words changed:

Database > Music
Playlist catalogue > Playlists
Plugins > Extras
Recording >  Recordings

OK by following I've managed to be able to get a new English.lng file created....BUT now i'm having issues figuring out which version of the original english.lang file to use.

At first i just used the most recent version but quickly realized that it has to be the exact right version. so looking on my ipod at the rockbox-info.txt  i see that its version 3.15...

Target: ipod4g
Target id: 17
Target define: -DIPOD_4G
Memory: 32
CPU: arm
Manufacturer: ipod
Version: 3.15
Binary: rockbox.ipod

BUT again that didnt work and i just get a bunch of random text everywhere.

Any ideas how to find which version i need other than trial and error??

Cheers everyone and happy listening!

And so i just resorted to manually editing the binary with a Hex-editor instead of notepad++. Worked like a charm**** The same thing happened! the word "yes" is not showing up?! wtf?

So for anyone wanting to customize their main menu or any other words, good way to do it.

The language file needs to match the rockbox version. Usually you build them together so that you get a new containing the updated text.

If you want to avoid building rockbox, you need to download the current build for your device and the current version of english.lang. Then use those.

I've done that with no success. Even if i use the 3.15V english.lang from git and compile, it doest match the one that comes with the 3.15 release.

And like I've said, I've managed to get all that working right, but for some reason the word "YES" still disappears, so I'm starting to think this is something else completely.


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