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Help: How to use beastpatcher for sending firmware completely


To Rebirth my Gigabeat MEV30T, could anyone please advise me to use "beastpatcher.exe"?

Three "*.bin"  files unzipped from "gbv_update_1_5_jp.exe"
1) nk.bin
2) recovery.bin
3) pmcboot_secure.bin

In order to finish whole steps to install firmware and bootloader  ,is it necessary to run all bin files above by beastpatcher? How to?

Please let me know the sequence, if any.

Thank you in advance. :-) 

Why are you trying to use beastpatcher? It was never intended to be used for these unsupported targets. If you just need to install the OF, then send them with mtp-sendfile or similar. You don't need beastpatcher for that.

Same thoughts - my V series died a few years back but that updater EXE in the other thread always worked when I needed to re-do the setup on the hard drive.   Granted, I always used 32-bit XP or Win7 when doing that.

Rockbox itself never worked on the V series, at least not that I know of.  Of course I had attempted that years back, including pulling a drive that I know had the correct setup but the S/V, although similar, are not the same.


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