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[iPod 5.5G 30GB] USB Mode is missing from the Settings menu

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Perhaps iPod doesn't support more than 2TB in any mode (FAT32 limitation). Though I haven't checked it myself.

GCRaistlin is correct: Rockbox can't support drives bigger than 2 TB.

Make sure you set USB Mode -> Mass Storage and USB HID -> Off. It's the USB HID setting which enables & disables the keypad mode, which might confuse the car. The USB Mode setting allows you to control whether Rockbox goes into mass storage mode or charging only. If you set USB Mode to Ask it's supposed to prompt you, so you can choose which mode to enter each time you plug in, but that option is currently broken on many players -- including iPods -- so you shouldn't use it.

What is the limit at 2TB?

Well, the main limiting factor is the use of 32-bit addressing & 512-byte sectors everywhere (the FAT driver, storage API, etc). MBR can't support >2 TiB partitions, though supporting GPT wouldn't be much of a stretch. Whether Apple firmware / other OFs would accept that is another story. I believe FAT32 can be cajoled up to 16 TiB, but ideally you'd want exFAT at those sizes.

Ah right. But you could still do two partitions of 2 TB I think?


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