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[iPod 5.5G 30GB] USB Mode is missing from the Settings menu

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In the manual, USB Mode setting is mentioned. Although I don't see it in my Settings - General Settings - System menu: the last item there is USB Keypad Mode. Is it expected?

Is it the latest stable or development release? I think that was added only recently.

Found an 80GB iPod Video at a local GoodWill and -- to my surprise it worked. Needed a new Head Jack & Hold cable. So, long story short, upgraded with a iFlash PCB with a 1TB SSD and a 3AH battery. Works great tested in my Edge and could control from the steering wheel. My music collection is larger than SYNC can handle.

Needed to organize better than 50k MP3 files so got Rockbox Utility. I have macOS 10.15.7 and XP here and could only get the RB 1.4.0 to install from XP. macOS said wrong CPU. Did and install and dropped a mSSD patch (beyondwind maybe) onto the install root and am up and running. But, just as this user am curious to the missing USB Mode option. I figure this is what I need to change as Rockbox goes to the USB Keypad mode et al and I can get no play back.

Any work around? I wonder about manually updating as dropping the latest build into my install might dump the patch for SSD?

Thanks in advance

GregS <><
Rockbox RBU 1.4.0, RB d4d233c31aM-201028 (patched)
iPod Video 5G (iFlash-1TB-SSD, 3AH battery)
MBP i7 (16GB, 1TB SSD, macOS 10.15.7)
P4 (2gb, XP SP3)

Install the latest dev build, it has this feature implemented, as well as a lot of USB issues fixed.  But ATM this very feature may still not work properly.

Dropped the latest Dev Build onto iPod and got USB Mode. That does what it is supposed to do. Problem is evidently my car: 2011 Ford Edge Limited (Sync 2 v3). It sees the iPod as an "Unsupported Device" when booted into Rockbox. Have found a couple of try this YouTubes, but nothing worked so far. Next will be: drop one song onto iPod via Itunes/Music and connect to Ford and play. Then reboot Rockbox. The theory is that the Sync sees Rockbox after it has talked to the iPod. I have my doubts. but I need the space that Rockbox gives for my music collection. Booting the iPOd as a drive would be no better than the 2TB drive I have now.


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