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The server that hosts (and my entire online presence) is getting upgraded. This requires taking it offline, and this is expected to take about 30 minutes starting sometime between 0830 and 0900 on August 9th, 2021.

*everything* other than IRC and DNS will be offline during this window; this includes all www, the IRC logbot, and git.

This is a straight motherboard swap, so storage, software, and connectivity will remain unchanged.

The current hardware has been in continual service since late 2015, and wasn't exactly new at the time.  This new(er) hardware will push the needle back towards the middle of the bathtub curve, and bring with it a considerable bump in performance while sucking down less power.

If folks are curious about the details, I'll be glad to provide them.

BTW, I'm happy to say that this upgrade was entirely funded by user donations, so thank you everyone!

Since you're reading this, the upgrade was successful. 


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