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Sakura Theme 240x320
I am very happy to share my first Rockbox theme to everyone. This theme is a mix of xhibition (Justin Fite - and AMusicPod (David Barkan -
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Sakura Theme Version v3.2a
In this version I managed to reduce the size of the theme and I fixed some issues. I also added a hold/locked screen. I had some difficulties trying to complete the new update but at the end I managed to do it. Below this, you will some screenshots of the new update. If you find any issues or bugs, feel free to contact me.
1.  2.  3.
1. Menu Screen
2. Lockscreen/Hold Screen with music playing
3. Lockscreen/Hold Screen without music playing

Download Link: Not Available
Alt Download Link: Not Available
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Instagram: chimpmode095

my theme is too large to upload it on rockbox themesite (, im sorry

Please consider uploading your theme to the rockbox themesite ( -- it's the central place for users to find and download rockbox themes for their specific device and is integrated into the rockbox utility.

Additionally, everything there gets validated against every compatible target after each code commit.  Stuff that is hosted elsewhere can't be regression-checked.



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