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Does the Ipod Nano support roms?


Just doing teh asking of teh question that made me ask teh question of teh asking...

No at the moment.

Look at the end of this page:

You will see that iPod Nano is not listed there.
On the other hand I saw a commit around 20 Jan that reffered to that.

Why not test it youself?
Just set the Rockbox to show supported files and select to open a *.gb file.
Then you should know....

It gets annoying scrolling to the plugin directory to play games.  How about making a root directory that links to the games...

I'd do it, but I don't know how...  Oh wait, I have an idea, but...

It would also help for the n00bs...

BTW, you could make a asteroids clone, and a pacman clone, but no space invaders, galaga, or kings quest?  HOW DARE YOU!!!

1) The .rock files for the games can be placed anywhere on the drive you want. Feel free to move them from the default folders.

2) Feel free to make your own clones. The purpose of Rockbox is music, but it's open source, so anyone can make games if they want to.

Hehehehe, I haven't programmed anything in a long while...

I did have a good idea of a game, if anyone wants to take it up be my guest...

A clone of Super Punch Out, press left and right to control dodging, down to punch low, up to punch high (repeated presses hit left and right).  When your bar fills, pressing middle button does the repeated super attack.


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