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Rockboy Scaling for Text on Clip Zip


I’ve been trying to play Pokemon on my Rockbox Clip Zip. It runs just fine but the text is unreadable since the screen resolution on the device is so small. Does anyone know any work arounds for this? Like a zoom feature in Rockboy or modifying the ROM somehow?

Thanks in advance!

You're going to have a hard time playing anything on a 96x96 screen. Your best bet is a zoom feature in Rockboy, similar to what we have in the sgt-puzzles plugins; modifying the ROM will be nearly impossible.

In fact, you can probably use the sgt-puzzles zoom implementation as a starting point for building this yourself. See here:

Thanks for the tip @__builtin. I’ll take a look at the code and see if there’s a way I can use a similar approach. I hope that the Rockboy code can support something like this.


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