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Making playlists on Desktop Win 10 is very difficult, what's the easiest way?

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Using rockbox on a 120GB modded ipod, getting on great with it no issues at all. But I am wondering, is it possible to make playlists and organise a music collection from desktop? I'm looking for a similar setup to iTunes, as it was a massive part of how I used my iPod before rockbox to spend an evening with it plugged into the computer arranging playlists through drag and drop and going through my music collection.
It's the major reason I don't use my iPod as much as I should, as currently I use file explorer and Windows music. I have tried using winAmp to make playlists, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Does anyone have any ideas on how to recreate that kind of playlist / music management experience but with rockbox?

I make all my playlists on Windows using foobar2000 and it works great. Usually I just copy the music to the player, open the files in foobar2000 and save the playlist.

What part of what you are doing now is not working?

You could just carry on using iTunes to organize your music and make playlists, and find a suitable script for exporting playlists from iTunes in .m3u format.
Or use Foobar2000.  Or MediaMonkey.

Hiya, if I connect my rockbox iPod will it cause any issues with the install? I wasn't actually the one to do the setup and am really scared that if I plug it in and open the library with iTunes, it'll mess up the iPod!! I guess I could use an external harddrive and keep itunes and the actual iPod itself seperate, but just wondering.

You don't say which release of Rockbox you are using, nor which model of iPod.  Would need to know that before someone could advise you.

In general if the ipod is booted into rockbox when it's connected to the PC, I don't think iTunes will recognise it as an iPod.  In any case you won't be able to use iTunes to sync, you'll have to copy files across with drag-and-drop, including the playlist files.

Or you could use a different music manager like foobar2000 or media monkey or something, for organising and creating playlists.  You _might_ be able to sync with those, not sure, depends what plug-ins they have for that purpose.


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