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IPOD Classic 7th Generation 160GB


I am new to the IPOD Classic world and have a 7th.Gen. Classic.  1st. Can Rockbox be installed on a 7th Gen. ?   I plan on using it for MUSIC Songs only.  Does it have better search, scan and play features then ITunes ? 

If I connect it to a Harley Davidson Boom Box 6.5 that is standard equipment on my motorcycle;  will the Boom Box be controlled by it's own internal playing software OR will it use the Rockbox software.

I am currently using a memory stick (thumb drive ) plugged into a USB port on my Motorcycle
but I am not happy with the limited Search, Scan & Play features of the Boom Box.

Any help  suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated.   My iPhone doesn't have the storage space I need...


The 6/7th gen are the same device, so yes you can run rockbox.

If you're playing back through a USB port then the software on your player doesn't matter, the stereo alone does everything.


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