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 Hi ,

 We're working on hacking some Powkiddy handheld game players ( X16 and J6 ) that use the ATJ2279B and what seems to be a rebranding of it, the ATS3603.

 I was wondering if anyone has access to some information regarding this. I was able to find that the SDK being used is this "usdk227c". The devices themselves seem to be called "ch7968_v1" and "CD3670".
 We have the firmware for the Powkiddy X16 but we could really use the firmware for the Powkiddy J6  ( "CD3670" but also called the X3 ) , if anyone has any means of getting these that would be great.
 Also this SDK , the   "usdk227c" would be really nice to have.

 Not sure it helps in any way but both of these devices seem to have been modified by a Mr Huang, I'm offering a reward for finding him , $10 for now :) Here's the full string :

 Thank you very much.

I'm sorry, but this sounds like it has nothing to do with Rockbox.

The ATJ2279B datasheet is on Google, which in terms of rockbox is usually all anyone would care about since we don't want to write programs for another OS, but rather port our OS to new hardware.  Things like SDKs (which probably aren't licensed legally) are off topic here. 

I'll leave this open though in case there is more discussion on the hardware itself. 

 Thanks for the responses. I know it's not really a Rockbox topic but I've found the SDK for an earlier SOC , the ATJ213x here and it was quite useful.
 I agree that the datasheet should be good enough but it's not complete and I want to write some programs for the current OS to try and understand more about how it works and also dump the flash because there's no .fw file that I could find.


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