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IPod Classic HDD connector name

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--- Quote from: braewoods on June 10, 2021, 04:56:16 PM ---And where would that be?

--- End quote ---
St. Petersburg, Russia. Ebay is no-go for me for some reasnos. And delivery will be costy as hell.
I don't realy want to switch ipod for anything else because I have some rare and usefull accessoires and 3rd party hardware for it. And the main thing is my hardware knowlege - I fixed it's MBs multiple times. I have some spare CPUs, ribbons, wolfsons etc for gen 5 and 6 MBs. But no dead MBs to unsoldier socket =)
I consider ordering used working MB from China as last measure. But prices are almost as high as for local 2nd-hand markets.
Right now i was able to fix it somehow to working condition with glue and offensive language. But even slight kick with sledgehammer can ruin everything =\

I will try to contact iFlash, good idea! Thx.


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