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IPod Classic HDD connector name

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Good day. I need to replace HDD connector on IPod Classic gen.6 mainboard. Ribbon cable fixator broken down.
I have all needed tools and experience - I did it before (unsoldiered it with thermal fan and bottom heater and transplanted it to another board). But I can't find new connector because I don't know the exact type I need. Google and aliexpress yeld no good answers.
Can anybody help me?

Would this happen to be what you need?

Edit: Oh, it's about the socket itself.

Based on the available data your best bet is probably to use a donor board to get the necessary parts. Perhaps you can find a junker iPod of the same generation that has a compatible socket you can transplant? I do this from time to time when restoring old units for which new parts don't really exist anymore.


--- Quote from: braewoods on June 10, 2021, 01:03:14 AM ---Based on the available data your best bet is probably to use a donor board to get the necessary parts.

--- End quote ---
Yep. It was my plan from the very begining. But right now in my city prices skyrocketed even for dead units and there are almost no suitablelots on local boards. I will search on local fleamarkets or something... I already searched through mouser catalog and some local electronics parts suppliers but couldn't find suitable 35-pin connector. It doesn't look proprietary or something. So I thinkthat I need tknow correct part name.

And where would that be? I usually order everything off eBay. Though this part seems to cost $50+ easily. Sheesh.

If price is that much of a factor, you're probably better off repairing a less popular line of MP3 player.


Speaking of which I do have some MP3 players I am effectively finished with as the purpose I bought them for is completed. Let me know if you're interested in some stuff that has already been repaired.


Also, you could try asking the iFlash people if they know anything about the socket.


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