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Ipod Classic 6g Multiple Partitions?


When i installed Rockbox onto my ipod it made the drive go into two different partitions. One was just "Usb drive" With no storage on it, and then the main partition that is where the data goes. Should i be worried or is there any way to fix it? I can supply an image if anyone needs.

From what I've learned, this is just a bug with the Windows OS. When you first connected your iPod, it was given a drive letter. When you boot into RockBox, the devices partitions appears different, and the proper partition is given a new drive letter. However, because RockBox shows you the first partition (required for OFW, not required for RockBox), windows attempts to mount this drive with a letter, but fails because it isn't a recognized format. You can remount in iPod mode, and remove the drive letter to avoid this future forward, or format the entire drive for RockBox, or ignore it altogether.


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