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yes i do have repeat set to off. there's a few of us here that get random freezing during "filetree" playback, and there are bug reports for this, thing is that the guy who implemented the 'Autochange Directory' did a hack job and nobody wants to touch it now.

I used to have this feature turned on, but recently turned it off because I disliked the next directory always being played right after the last track in the current directly was over. I often just wish to choose what I want to listen to, and may jump around. It can be nice for my multi-CD albums where each CD is a directory.

RB did freeze on me but I thought it was something I had done, didn't realise a bug was already reported.

Can any body confirm if this works for them because I can't get it to work at all.

it works for me with the occasional freeze.

Tried it yesterday and it glitched occasionally:

--  it froze the player every now and again
--  it sometimes continued playing into the next directory with the WPS still showing the last song's info., and the elapsed time indicator for the last song just increasing on (so, for example, if the last song in directory 1 was 4:00 long, the WPS continued to show that last song's info., but with the elapsed time showing 31:25, for example, as further songs played in the next directory).


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