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Gapless playback for Ipod Classic 5g not working

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I am new to Rockbox and have installed it on a Ipod Classic 5g. It is working fine except for gapless playback. I have read up on this for days trying to figure it out. The files are mp3 and encoded using LAME 3.99. I have tried a few different albums and none of them will play gapless. I am not sure what else to check. Anyone have any ideas?

Slightly dumb question, really, but it's the first thing I can think of - are you completely sure the files themselves don't have 2-second-silence gaps at their start?
That can happen if a cd is not ripped the right way for gapless recordings (i.e. disc-at-once rather than track-at-once).  Obviously rockbox is only going to be able to avoid adding additional gaps, it's not going to skip over gaps  that are already encoded into a track.  (Maybe that's a bit too obvious a point, but aside from that I don't know what the cause of the issue you are having is - gapless seems to work fine for me on my 7th gen).

(If you do have the 2 second silence at the start of the tracks there are utilities that can strip them out)

I will check but the albums are all live albums that played without gaps when it was just an ipod using itunes.

Just listened to a live album on a rockboxed ipod 7g and no gaps, not even a click or a pop at the track transition.

Don't really know what is going on in your case.  Hopefully a dev will come along with more suggestions.

What format are you using?  Is it a big gap of silence or a momentary click?

Forgot to add that this is happening in a new car I just bought. I tried it with just ear buds and it plays gapless so it has to do with the car. I had a 2017 Elantra that I could plugin my Ipod touch and it worked great. Had gapless playback. I bought a 2022 Tucson and they took away the ipod connectivity. I assume they removed it because of Android Auto and Carplay and I can't stand either of them. The gap with the rockbox ipod is 3 to 4 seconds. I have a SanDisk sport and the gap is only a second in the car so I thought getting an Ipod and putting rockbox on it might fix that problem but maybe not. Are there any settings I can try to fix the gapless in the car?


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