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--- Quote from: amachronic on October 28, 2022, 12:32:32 PM ---
--- Quote from: mambo5king on October 13, 2022, 08:30:37 AM ---[...] Mine must have been corrupted or the backup process didn't work.

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Your backup contains rockbox-info.txt... what appears to be random junk... and apparently a copy of bootloader.q1! Whatever the case, that backup can't have come from a bootable device.

I'll add some basic sanity checks to the restore process to prevent it flashing total garbage, but honestly, I have no idea how all that junk got into your backup in the first place. Especially rockbox-info.txt, since it doesn't exist anywhere except inside the .rockbox folder, and the bootloader doesn't open it.

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Yeah, not sure what happened.  The sequence of events was as follows:
1. Used Q1 for 6 months with stock firmware
2. Tried rockbox for a month
3. Decided to go back to stock firmware, restored backed up bootloader
4. Used Q1 for 2 months
5. Decided to try rockbox again, backed up bootloader
6. Decided to switch back, restore failed.


--- Quote from: amachronic on October 28, 2022, 12:55:49 PM ---
--- Quote from: 7o9 on October 28, 2022, 12:49:36 PM ---Is restoring a backup of the stock bootloader that you are suppose to make when installing Rockbox the way to revert to the stock firmware?

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Yeah, that's supposed to be the tried & true method.

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I understand and read all the warnings when initially installing but it would still be good if there was an independent way to return to stock.

But given that the Shanling firmware apparently does not touch/contain the bootloader, there is no such thing as a '2.2' bootloader? Anyone with an original Q1 and the latest tools could donate a bootloader for the greater good.

Having said that, I am very happy with Rockbox on my Q1 and with the option to hold a button to boot the OF, I have best of both worlds.

I've uploaded my Q1 and M3K bootloader backups to the wiki. They're found on the JztoolInstall page in the "Removing Rockbox" section.

Here's a new bootloader release for the Q1, version b4e7c60c6d-221029. Download it here or from the wiki.

This version fixes a few bugs:

The old Rockbox bootloader interrupted the original firmware's update process, preventing OF updates from being installed. This is fixed in the new version, and you can now update the Q1's firmware from the Shanling player app. There are a couple things to be aware of: Shanling's updates don't include the bootloader, so the Rockbox bootloader will remain installed after an OF update. If you want to remove Rockbox you need to restore from a bootloader backup. Second, after the update finishes you will be rebooted into Rockbox. The update has succeeded at this point, but some leftover files will remain on the SD card; you can either remove them yourself or reboot to the Shanling app, which should clean up the files automatically.

The bootloader backup and restore functionality will now display an error message if it looks like the backup is corrupted. The level of protection is minimal but it's better than the old bootloader, which had no such safety checks.

The Linux loader had a bug which added garbage to the end of the kernel command line. This has been fixed.


I have lost bootloader backup for my device. Will the one in wiki work?
I have FW Version V2.1


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