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Just posting to let everyone know I have got Rockbox running on the Q1, but no audio or bootloader yet; I'm stuck trying to get the DAC to work. There's a patch in gerrit in case anyone is interested. The simulator works, at least (lol).

I will probably put this aside and come back later, hopefully some 'enlightenment' will strike and I'll figure out how to get the DAC working.

Thanks for the update and your efforts.

I read the comment in Gerrit about the state of your attempts. I also read you have great Google-fu so I am sure you found the LG V30 code for this DAC. Would have hoped that helped.

How did you run it without a bootloader? Read the code, answer is USB boot  :)

Hopefully inspiration will strike at some point. The M3K port is great but the Q1 feels so much nicer and does not have the crazy touchpad.

Problem is, I just don't know how the board is physically wired... I've got datasheets but it's no help if the DAC won't turn on.

Saw in the IRC logs that you managed to get audio. Very exciting.

Great that enlightenment struck so quickly!

Just one note on the WiFi - perhaps a dual boot would solve it?


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