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Two interesting things:

1. I just got an out-of-memory panic:

audio_reset_buffer(): OOM!

Right before this happened, I had plugged it into USB, rsynced tracks and playlists to it, ejected it and finally asked Rockbox to initialize the database. (After the panic, I restarted it, and it displayed the message "Committing database [1/10]" and then continued to start up.

2. My playlists are only showing the track title, no artist. The playlists I copied have EXTINF data, so Rockbox seems to be ignoring that. Is this normal? All I can find on the subject is this:

Probably related to the panic, but the database never rebuilt itself. It seems to be stuck at "Building database... 7934 found (OFF to return)". I'll go debug that. Probably nothing to do with the Shanling port.

Is parametric equalizer  working fine?

I am interested in purchasing this device  :)

The EQ works well. It's a core feature available on all devices supported by Rockbox.


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