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Thanks for the recent touchscreen-related fixes, amachronic. Especially the keyboard that is now actual somewhat usable.

Another thing I noticed that does not seem to work on my Q1 (the only touchscreen Rockbox player I have) is the 'List Wraparound' setting.

Is that something that could be easily fixed? Especially on long lists it is quite useful to not have to scroll through the entire list to get to the other end.

It could be done with some effort. But you can already drag the scrollbar to quickly jump around the list, which gives you almost the same functionality.

The scrollbar does work indeed.

I have had some issues when dragging up first but dragging down works quite reliably. Same with down and then up.

Is the width of the scrollbar detection area related to how wide it is drawn? Perhaps I need to make it wider.

Yeah, the touch area is the same size as the graphical scrollbar. Looks like the touch area needs some extra 'slop space' to make it possible to use narrow bars.

Hi, I'm new here but considering getting the Q1! Is this port being further developed?
I am in no way experienced with programming but might look into making/modifying some themes if it isn't too hard. If I get the player, I would gladly write detailed bug reports (etc).


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