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Yeah, I actually got dual boot working today for the Q1 and FiiO M3K (that was a real pain due to OF kernel bugs...)

Since I'm here, I may as well say the Q1 port pretty much "works" hardware-wise, aside from some odds and ends, but you can really feel how neglected touchscreens are in Rockbox... It's something I hope to improve over time though. I was able to jury-rig the M3K's bootloader to work on the Q1, but I don't want to release something so half-baked, with the potential for things to go terribly wrong -- my own Q1 was "bricked" for a while due to one such mistake.

I have been playing around a bit with the Q1 patch from Gerrit ( and it works quite well.

You have to start it with usbboot as there is no bootloader yet and it takes some serious getting used to the 3x3 touchscreen grid input.

Having said that, it plays music quite nicely and just looks cool.

Hopefully one day it will be mature enough to use like any other Rockbox player. Unlike most, you can still actually buy the Q1!

Attached is a screendump taken from the actual Q1 running Rockbox and playing a tune.

Saw that Q1 port is available. That is such a great news!
I would like to check it out so can you please share how to install that via usbboot?
Also how to achieve dual boot / revert to OF?

Great work!

You'd have to compile the bootloader yourself. All needed files spl.q1, bootloader.bin/.q1 will be in the bootloader build directory. Hold the play (middle) button at boot to enter USB boot mode. Once connected, run usbboot in utils/ingenic_tools:

--- Code: ---./usbboot -c x1000 -1 <spl.q1> --wait 1 -2 <bootloader.bin>

--- End code ---
You'll get a recovery menu; to install the bootloader you need to place bootloader.q1 onto your SD card. You should take a bootloader backup before installation; it creates a backup file named shanlingq1-boot.bin on your SD card. In case you want to revert to the 'pure' OF, simply put that file back on your SD and choose restore in the recovery menu.

Boot options:

* hold NEXT (bottom button) to enter rockbox bootloader's recovery menu
* hold PREV (top button) to enter OF
* hold NEXT+PREV to run the OF recovery (this provides an alternate restore method if you lose your backup or want to upgrade or downgrade the OF)Proper docs, bootloader binary, jztool support, etc, should be ready over the next little while. Theme site and daily builds will be available once the patch is merged.


Alright, at last there's bootloader binaries available for the Q1. Installation instructions and download links are in the manual. If there's anything unclear or confusing about the manual let me know and I'll fix it; the install process is basically the same as for the FiiO M3K so its installation forum thread might clarify things.


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