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[320x240] Tile based main menu

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I think last time I ran into this bug the order of displaying viewports made a difference but this was like 2016

BTW @millim nice sleuthing :)

if you remove the if statement and make it
unconditionally call scroll_stop does it
work properly for you?

.. well had to investigate a bit how things play together  :). Yes, making it un-conditional works also for me. Do you plan to add this fix for the next release?

BTW, I have also added pictureflow to the main menu. It was already partially there, only three lines of code are necessary to make it work. Would also be nice if you can consider this extension.

I have attached the code with these modifications.



Sounds as if you have honed-in on the problem.  Dealing with the Rockbox code itself is, as the phrase has it "above my pay-grade", so I'd rather leave it to any devs who care to take an interest to sort out.  I wonder to what extent it's the same problem I've found with custom %vi statements that aren't tile-based?  Difficult to provide a screenshot as they don't seem to happen the same way in the simulator as on the ipod.  Either the text and background come out the same colour (regardless of what colours you tell it to use) for selected lines that are long enough to trigger scrolling, or, even more weirdly, the scrolling fails to work correctly and the text instead of scrolling just sort of smears itself like wet ink being smudged across a page.

I finally got a chance to try this theme, it's looking great! I love the vu meters on the wps  ;D

This might have been covered in the thread already (I confess not to have read it all), but is there any chance the main menu icons could support reordering and arbitrary hiding/showing? (this is done in the main menu config plugin). That's probably a fairly hard problem but figured I would ask.

I have the Recent Bookmarks enabled, my device doesn't have recording, and I've reordered the menu a bit (put "Now Playing" at the top), so half of the icons no longer match.


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