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Hey, I found a glitch with the theme - but to be honest, it's the exact same glitch I've been having with my own icon-using themes.  If you go into the files menu, and there are long file names that need to scroll, it causes a problem when you come back out again - see the screenshots.

Either there's something we both get wrong about the logic of viewports, or there's a bug to do with scrolling text that only comes up when one does things with custom %vi statements to use icons.  The fact that there's already a bug with scrolling text, relating to the backgrounds of the SBS and WPS, makes me think it's the latter.

I do suspect there's a bug in rockbox with how scrolling is implemented.  As well as this, I get other strange things happening with scrolling lines if I define a text-based %vi viewport.  And at least at one point there was a known existing bug where scrolling text on the WPS gets the background from the SBS.

Hello Frankenpod,

oh, I was not aware of this either. But, ginkgo should have run into the same issue? He did not mention this. Maybe there is a missing link how to manage this? I think %Vi( ) uses the display buffers in a different way. After booting the ipod, the SBS backdrop gets loaded nicely, when the interpreter gets to the point %Vi(-,32,20,256,192,1), this portion of the screen defaults back to the rockbox bootscreen for 1 second, then the tiles get visible. This might connect the the scrolling? Maybe the line gets registered somewhere to scroll, when going back to the tile screen, it does not get automatically de-registered or obsolete to update, respectively.   

Maybe ginkgo or the development team can comment on this?


Some update...

I was checking a bit the code and I think it is indeed a bug in rockbox. Maybe it is connected to the fact that the skinlist concept is not completed, it still needs the classical skin list engine:

in list.c

--- Code: ---    FOR_NB_SCREENS(i)
        if (!skinlist_draw(&screens[i], gui_list))
        list_draw(&screens[i], gui_list);

--- End code ---

it looks that the gui_list structure is not correctly liked when stepping out from the list_draw to the skinlist_draw viewports, by pressing MENU actually when a list item is highlighted and scrolling so:

--- Code: ---struct viewport *parent = (list->parent[screen]);

--- End code ---

has no effect.


Some update...

found a simple fix. Unfortunately, need to modify the code. You may test if this also works for you. In list-skinned.c: need to add:

--- Code: ---    if (listcfg[screen]->tile == true)

--- End code ---

Showing the skinlist_draw() function and how to add the fix:

--- Code: ---bool skinlist_draw(struct screen *display, struct gui_synclist *list)
    int cur_line, display_lines;
    const int screen = display->screen_type;
    struct viewport *parent = (list->parent[screen]);
    char* label = NULL;
    const int list_start_item = list->start_item[screen];
    struct gui_wps wps;
    if (!skinlist_is_configured(screen, list))
        return false;

    current_list = list;
    wps.display = display; = listcfg[screen]->data;
    display_lines = skinlist_get_line_count(screen, list);
    label = (char *)SKINOFFSETTOPTR(get_skin_buffer(, listcfg[screen]->label);

    // fix the scrolling glitch
    if (listcfg[screen]->tile == true)

--- End code ---



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