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[320x240] Tile based main menu

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thank you for you comprehensive explanation. Sounds a bit too complicated, need to find other ways how to accomplish that. Maybe you can consider this in a new release, would be really helpful to draw raw bitmaps fonts.

well, hopefully this does not hit me on the main menu scrolling, at the moment it is ok, but when putting the code changes on top with more apps on the main window, will run in the same problem. I think this is also one topic the development team can look into.

I still struggle with much more basic things...

Maybe I do not catch the concept of SBS and WPS. My understanding is that SBS is for the menus and WPS for the playback screen, totally isolated, but it doesn't? I want to display text on the menu screen but it should not be there on the playback screen. This sipped of code I have in the SBS file, I does not show the effect:

--- Code: ---%?if(%cs, =, 1)<%Vd(text)>
%Vl(text, 100,210,150,16,3)%s%acABCDEFGHIJKLM1234567890 

--- End code ---

When I now load a song, the WPS background is shown, but with the 100,210,150,16 region from the SBS section. What do I wrong. A screenshot is attached.

The WPS is short (for testing)

--- Code: ---%we

# Load Backdrop



# pb moved to sbs


--- End code ---

p.s. The font topic is really taken me a lot of time. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to find and get a proper 3x7 (4x8) font to work on Linux and Windows. Actually, I do the background graphics on Windows MS Paint (btw a very good tool for bitmap manipulation), the rest with bash scripting and inkscape on Linux. The font needs to be ttf and fnt for closing the loop, but still not there...


@millim am I right to think you just need a basic font like the brown "ABCEDF..." in your screenshot? It looks like simple foreground/background colors would serve your needs if you had a font... the problem is getting some ready-made font you can convert to the Rockbox format.

I think .bdf bitmapped fonts are what you need -- those can be converted to the Rockbox font format using convbdf. Some googling suggests FontForge can work with basic bitmap fonts, see this. If you're already drawing fonts by hand in paint then it seems not much different in fontforge, except it can probably save to a "proper" .bdf file you can convert to Rockbox's format. It seems there might be other .bdf font editors if you go looking, if FontForge is not your thing.

--- Quote ---My understanding is that SBS is for the menus and WPS for the playback screen, totally isolated, but it doesn't?

--- End quote ---
Try putting %wd (disable status bar) in your WPS file instead of %we. When you use an SBS file in your theme I am pretty sure %we will make Rockbox draw the SBS over top of the WPS.


--- Quote from: millim on May 31, 2021, 10:27:13 AM ---The Roboto font, I cannot find, also the downloaded font package for the classic does not include the font. Also the github repos pointing to Roboto font set are empty? How can I resolve this?
--- End quote ---

I found the anti aliased font pack and the roboto font pack from [Saint] and could upload them to a free file hoster, if there are no legal objections.


yes, putting %wd solved the issue, thank you for that! I was also able to find a solution for the thin track information font mentioned recently. Half way done, I think, I have reached the point of no return  :).


Great work.  I like the tasteful subdued icons.

Seems as if it might be impossible to do the whole thing with icons all the way down, because of this weird scrolling-related issue that seems to crop up with the text lists (of filenames, themes etc) if you use icons for any menu below the top level one.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding something but I can't find a way to make it work.


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