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Dear community,

I like the Rockbox features and it works well on my ipod 6g. Quick question:  Is it possible to do some sort of tile based main menu appearance? I mean like today's mobile phones do.

Any help welcome! I have checked already the source code and I have the impression it is not supported natively. I do have C/C++ experience and I am wondering why a standard GUI library was not used instead of this unstructured "spaghetti" type of code for the lists and menus. Sure, there might be a good reason for this.

Maybe somebody as already worked in it, willing to share the code.


It's been a *long* time since I've played with themes, so I don't remember any details, but does mention a tile mode for list views which I seem to remember may actually work.

Hello gevaerts!

Thank you very much for your instant reply! Well, this answer does not help much, sorry. I have checked the documentation and all information end where it is getting interesting. Is there a step by step tutorial available? I am not sure what is faster: Debugging the source code or starting trial and error approach writing cryptic .WPS or .SPS files.

Why wasn't the engine based on XML or other proven concepts taken from e.g. Winamp or foobar2000? There might be a good reason for it?


As I said, it's been years (nearly a decade) since I played with this, so I don't know. What have you tried?

I can't find a theme that uses tiling, but there are examples that use %Lb for themed lists (for which tiling is an option) seems to be one of the easier to read ones.

Thank you for your answer.

I have already searched the Themes database for an example already  :D - hard luck, no match.
How was this function ever tested, if there is no testcase available?

I want just do it for the main menu, as a "home screen". All other trees should be regular lists.

I see this will be a dead end...



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