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FiiO M3K Install (Native port)

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In which case why doesn't the 'here' just take me to the font pack download, instead of a page with a selection of identical font packs downloads masquerading as separate for different player?  :D

As it happens I already downloaded the X3 version, which works fine, but I still think it could be less confusing! Actually I'm not sure why the font pack isn't just rolled into the release .zip, since practically everyone/every theme is going to need some of it. We are talking GByte (going on TB) memory players these days, not 'gosh I don't have 64k for some extra fonts, what can I leave out'.

I'm Following the install instructions. I have the bootloader and the jztool.exe in a folder on my desktop. Used zadig to install driver. I'm soon to be 70 years and not very computer savy. How do I put a terminal/command prompt in that folder?

Figured that out but got message device not found


--- Quote from: Njones on June 07, 2021, 08:22:44 PM ---Figured that out but got message device not found

--- End quote ---

Oh whoops, sorry I typed out a response but I thought you said "command not found". Sorry!

it says username\Desktop\Rockbox M3K install>cd Desktop
The System cannot find the path specified


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