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FiiO M3K Install (Native port)

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--- Quote from: demon_slayer on May 29, 2022, 12:59:29 PM ---I was using the NightPod theme and I didn't see a folder icon out of the box, didn't know there was a 'show icons' setting so it probably is possible. Ignore that point in my original post in that case

--- End quote ---
You can blame me for that... :D I deliberately blanked out the icons in that particular theme to create whitespace to the left side of list items – which is actually kind of hack that should probably rather be a Rockbox UI option. Maybe I'll put up another version with yuuiko's icon set from the InfoMatrix-v2 theme – the ones that are also used in the redux m3k theme. You can also choose your own icon sets by editing a theme's cfg file, although there doesn't appear to be a UI option for that.

Since reverting back to the original FIIO firmware from Rockbox I tried to follow the steps in this guide to reinstall Rockbox to give it another try and noticed that when I restart my player it would keep booting into the FIIO firmware and not the rockbox firmware. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, has anyone else experienced this ?

Could it be the bootloader is not actually installed?


--- Quote from: 7o9 on June 20, 2022, 01:20:56 PM ---Could it be the bootloader is not actually installed?

--- End quote ---

I can get to Step 5 of the instructions so I can see the bootloader screen and am able to select Rockbox. It is only when I reboot is when it boots into the FIIO software. 
The first time I installed Rockbox it worked fine. Perhaps because I've reverted back to FIIO firmware and am now trying to reinstall rockbox that is causing issues  ???

You're probably forgetting to select Install or update bootloader. When you hit step 5 the bootloader is only temporarily in RAM, it isn't flashed to the device until you hit install. And remember to take a bootloader backup before the install as well.


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