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iPod nano 2g, hold switch isn't unlocking once locked but only in Rockbox

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Thanks, mine definitely isn't working.
My version is adff45ca21-210507 which is I guess from 7th May 2021.
The worst thing is that the only key that works following the spin the scroll wheel thing is select.
You can press other keys after that but by then it's done something you don't want - in Doom it's at the new game screen with no way of avoiding starting a new game as there's no key mapped to going back in the menu.
Means you can't save and load game progress.

I'll have a look at fixing it on my nano sometime.

I've got a linux environment and some programming skills, and nothing to lose from giving it a go :-)

Managed to fix it, just turned off the part of button-clickwheel.c that powers down the buttons when you do hold.

It still holds, just responds to keys straight after unholding.

Not really sure if i've broken anything by doing that but all seems ok.

If anyone wants my fix just send me a PM.


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