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Detect cover artwork with leading dot


I've been bothered with how the file explorer lists my cover art as separate files, which all are named "cover.bmp". Unfortunately, adding a leading dot (to make it .cover.bmp) to hide them in the file explorer doesn't do the job since the music player doesn't detect them when playing the music files in the same directory then.

This is really something that should be added and it should be very simple to add for anyone who knows how to change the code just a little. From what I understand there's some string of code that lists the names that cover art can have, Front.*, cover.*, and so forth. All that would be needed is to add versions of these default names with leading dots as well in that case.

Instead of renaming the files, have you tried setting Show Files to Music so that bitmaps are hidden in the file explorer?

Well spotted. This could still be a usable feature though in case you want to for example display text files but not the cover images.


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