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Clip+ How can I tell if it’s booting from the SD card????

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I am not very computer smart. I want my clip+ to boot from the SD card. How can I tell if it’s booting from the SD card or the main Rockbox drive?

The main "E" Drive and SD "G" file attached

Simply. Erase / rename .rockbox directory on E and see if it boots.

Well I can tell already that multiboot won't work the way it is setup right now. You have the required file present (rockbox_main.clip+) but the file is currently empty. You need to open the file in a text editor such as notepad and add a single line of text to it containing the path to the parent directory of where your .rockbox folder is stored.

Assuming you want to boot from the default location for Rockbox, you would need to enter this line into the file and save it:

You will also need to remove or rename the .rockbox folder on the internal storage to be sure that it is booting from the SD card.

Also note that all of this assumes that your bootloader is recent enough to support Multiboot and I do not know when you originally installed Rockbox on your Clip+ so I cannot know for certain.

Empty file works just fine. As stated  here:

As a safety feature a blank file, a single '/' or a /<directory> needs to be in the redirect file otherwise internal storage is loaded.

When rockbox is booted from SD it shows SD card content as internal memory so pretty easy to identify without touching internal .rockbox installation.

Your problem is wrong redirect file extension. Your created rockbox_main.clip+.txt  (see Ext column on image). It should be rockbox_main.clip+ (without .txt extension)

P.S. Also /<directory>  feature is currently broken.

if you have opened [AND SAVED] the file in a text editor they do a newline and the file is no longer blank the single '/' is more foolproof
[at least in linux and rockbox file editors, I can't say for windows as I don't remember and no clue about windows 10 ]

to see if you are booted from the SD go into the system>debug>bootdata

it should read Boot Volume <1> a random CRC (not rbmagic), CRC: OK and in the table 00 :01 00 00 00
                                                                                                                                                  ^also boot volume

or go into the file browser and see whats in the list after setting show all files deduce which is root


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