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Help install Rockbox Sansae270r windows 10


So I must be slightly touched because I have no Idea on how to install rockbox on the Sansa e270r with windows 10, either with the install utility or manually. The wall throughs are about 15 years old and don't help.
When I try the installer it keeps asking for the OG firmware and all I get from San-disk is some stupid PP5022 file that doesnt seem to be what it is looking for, and I cant find the required firmware ANYWHERE.
When I try the manual mode the patcher cant find my player and the drivers are installed by windows automatically....
Should I just give up and buy a modded Apple Ipod with an ssd or can I get some help so I can use rockbox with my sansa and a 512gb Microsd card?

See here:

However, using windows 10 may be tricky. It might be easier to find an older 32 bit system.


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