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Can Rockbox recognise MicroSD cards larger than 32GB?

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I have an Xduoo X3, which has 2 MicroSDXC slots. Officially, the player is capable of holding up to 256GB (2X 128GB cards) and a couple of people have said that it can hold up to 2x 256GB MicroSDXC cards (which I don't believe were on the market at the time the player was released but use the same technology to 128GB cards), but cards larger than 32GB (the largest size of SDHC card) come preformatted with the exFAT file structure which Rockbox doesn't support, and Windows Explorer won't let me format them to FAT32. Does anyone know whether it's possible to format an SDXC card to FAT32 while keeping a full sized partition, and also if Rockbox is capable of recognising MicroSD cards larger than 32GB provided that they are correctly formatted?

Yes it is possible to do this. But I've only had success doing it from Linux since it doesn't have such arbitrary limitations.

And honestly if you were going to do this I would suggest doing an erase or overwrite the whole thing before formatting it with FAT32 so any residual EXFAT stuff is wiped out.

It's possible to quickly erase an entire SD card but it doesn't work with just any SD card reader. It won't work with ones that are presented as USB Mass Storage. I've only known it to work for ones connected to the PCI bus because they expose the low level MMC interface to the chips. Under Linux inserting an SD card into such a device allows you to perform a whole device erase via blkdiscard. These kinds of interfaces are usually internal SD card readers, such as ones integrated into a laptop. Or a PCIE expansion card.

On Windows use

I'll test it on my old 1TB external HDD which has reliability issues before buying a MicroSDXC card. Thanks for sharing that link.

My current Xduoo X3 first generation model is failing as the reset pinhole (the widely used Russian X3 port of Rockbox does crash occasionally) is broken, but I've ordered a replacement one as I've been extremely satisfied with it for the past few years. The first generation X3 model has been discontinued in favour of a newer model with only one MicroSD slot and a colour screen, but I was able to buy a new first generation model from a reputable seller on eBay who had unshifted stock. The newer X3 (II) currently has only limited Rockbox support and is around £100 from most sellers, whereas the first generation model which likely sounds near identical can be found from sellers shifting old stock for around £60.


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