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Suddenly Always Resumes from Beginning of Same File & Can't Create New Bookmarks

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I have a SanDisk Clip+ 4 GB MP3 player. It has Rockbox installed on it. I've used it for many years and it has worked great.

Yesterday it was working perfectly and I was listening to a file. Let's call it File A. At one point I turned the player off. When I turned it back on, normally it would play from the point in File A where I left off. Instead, it started playing from the beginning of File A. No matter where I left off, if I turned it off and back on, it starts back at the beginning of File A.

Then I tested listening to a different file, let's say File B. I turn it off and back on. It starts at the beginning of File A, not File B.

No matter what I play, if I turn it off and back on, it always starts at the beginning of File A.

Then I noticed another thing had suddenly stopped working. I can't create a new bookmark. I click Create Bookmark as I always do. But then when I look at the Recent Bookmarks list, it's the same list as before without the new bookmark I just created listed.

As far as I can tell, everything else works normally. I can play files the same as always. But if I try to create a bookmark I can't. And if I turn the player off and back on, it starts at the beginning of File A instead of at the point in where I left off in the last file I played.

I've tried everything I can think of to fix this or even just start from scratch again and reinstall.

I tried reinstalling Rockbox.

I tried running Windows Disk Check but no matter how I try, even on multiple computers with different OS's, it always says the Disk Check failed to complete.

I've tried many times to format it to a clean FAT32 format, also on multiple computers with different OS's, but the format also always says it failed to complete.

I simply can't find any way to get back to scratch and reinstall.

The weird thing too is I've gone in and tried manually deleting as many files as I can. But no matter what I do, every time I turn it back on, the same Recent Bookmarks list is there! I figured maybe if I can delete wherever it's storing that list I could try starting a new file and list of bookmarks. But no matter which files I delete, it's like I can't find where it's keeping that old list and it always pops back up.

Is there anything else I can try to get this working again? It seems like it's just these 2 things not working. And I'm willing to wipe the whole thing and start over if only I could figure out how to. I'd hate to have to find a new one of these as this model is outdated and hard to find and this one has served me so well.

One last thing that may be relevant. When I try to initialize the database it ends up saying *Panic* Updated size on empty dir 36 and then some other code. So I tried deleting all the database files in the Rockbox folder manually, hoping it would start fresh, but they just come back and the same thing happens. Really stumped.

Sounds like you have hit the maximum number of bookmarks (ten I think) which it can store.  You need to delete some.

If I go to my Recent Bookmarks, there are only 4 or 5. I always delete one when I make a new one so there are never more than a few there.

However, if I play a file and click Create Bookmark and then choose List Bookmarks, there are tons of them. But it isn't one list for the whole device. Each folder seems to have its own bookmark list that shows if I choose List Bookmarks while playing a file from that folder. There must be hundreds overall. But that's nothing new. I see bookmarks going back years there. I always thought if I deleted them in the Recent Bookmarks then they were gone. But apparently they're still stored in a file dedicated to that folder. I guess it's possible the last one I did yesterday put it over the top or something. But it would be surprising. And I just tried deleting 20 or 30 of them and it didn't fix the problem.

I could try deleting more. But I'm skeptical if this is the issue. You said the limit is 10. That must be referring to the Recent Bookmarks. There doesn't seem to be any limit anywhere close to 10 for the folder-dedicated bookmarks since it's been functioning perfectly for years apparently with tons of these other bookmarks still on the device.

Do you still think I should delete more bookmarks from these folder-dedicated lists? Is there a way to delete them faster than 1 by 1 hitting delete scrolling through them?

Actually I just realized that all the bookmarks I just described are on the SD card. If I remove the SD card, the actual Clip+ itself only has 1 bookmark. So I don't think that's the issue unless I'm missing something. It also wouldn't explain why it always resumes from the beginning of the same file no matter what file I'm playing when I turn it off. It's like it's stuck in some past state and won't move forward.

I am so confused. I am trying everything to wipe this Clip+ clean and start from scratch. I got MiniTool Partition Wizard. I've formatted it. I've wiped it and filled it with zeros. I've deleted it and formatted again. After each operation, MiniTool says it completed successfully. But no matter what I do, as soon as it's done, I pull the Clip+ out and it's exactly as it was before! Nothing is deleted. It works exactly the same. I wait 20 minutes as it fills % by % with zeros and then nothing is changed. I format, watch it complete, and it's exactly the same. This thing is like some zombie that just will not clear so I can try installing from scratch. What am I doing wrong here?

I've even gone in, manually deleted the entire Rockbox folder, and then pull it out and Rockbox loads. I look and the entire folder is back again exactly how it was before!


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