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Is it possible to flash firmware to an mp3 player using an android phone?  I need to update the firmware on a San Disk clip Go, but only have access to an Android phone right now.  Is it possible?

Possible?  Sure.  But not with any software that rockbox provides.

As you posted elsewhere, the Clip Go uses an internal SD card that appeared to be formatted in a special way with the device firmware in a specific place.  Writing that card requires direct raw access to the SD card, and I don't think "normal" android software is able to get that level of direct hardware access to an android device's internal SD card slot.  However if you have an external USB SD reader, there are options:  [1]

Meanwhile. The Clip Sport Go devices can update their own firmware via files downloaded from Sandisk [2], but it's possible/likely that your device is locked down to prevent that from working.  Assuming that is the case, I think the only viable approach to restoring these altered Sport Go devices to stock functionality is to physically open these devices and swap out its internal SD card with one containing a stock Sport Go image.

(ie convince someone else with a stock Sport Go to take their device apart and create an image/dump of the internal SD card, and transfer that image to another SD card)


Thank you, I think I have the jist of it.  I have a stock Go available to take apart, so now I just need the image/dump of the SD card.
One last question, since android probably wants to format the new SD card or a new card comes pre formatted,  so you think that will affect the process ?  I really appreciate your help.  How do I donate to the RB project?

For donation see the Paypal button on the left of the page ...


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