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need a new player - best option?

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I just got my FIIO M3K (from Amazon USA, since the Uk was out of stock and the USA one was nearly 40% cheaper) .. yet to put RB on it, but actually the basic stock firmware ain't half bad .. took 2 attempts to index the 9000 .ogg and m3u songs already on a 64GB card, but it now plays them very nicely (most modern players choke and die around 1500 or 5000 songs, the SOCs having become brain dead, and many think OGG is only a character in discworld).

Assuming RB goes on OK I am well pleased with the purchase .. but hurry, there are not many left. Took 10 days to get here, £67.95 delivered. OK a clipzip is 2x smaller, 2x cheaper, etc but is 100% less available. (and the FIIO actually sounds better .. guess the 10 years development of audio codecs has not been wasted).

Are either of you still looking for another player? I'll have some players I could sell in the near future.


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