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LCD backlight still on even iPod shutdown

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I'm not sure that i'm in the right section, but i have a problem with my iPod.
I'm talking about iPod video.
I installed latest rockbox version and it works perfect except one thing that make my ipod unusable: when i turn it off, effectively it seems to be shutted down except lcd backlight, which remains active.
I tried to put backlight off when rockbox is booted and then shut down my device and in this case, after the power off, backlight remains off, but it's a long procedure that everytime i have to shut down my device, i have to disable backlight to prevent my screen to remains backlighted.
Is there a solution to this issue?
I tried to ignore and leave lcd backlight on even with iPod shutted down but it drains more battery (about 5%/hour) and it force to recharge my device about 2 times/day.
Thanks and sorry for bad english

Are you saying that after long-pressing 'play' to shut it down, the screen remains lit-up, even though there's nothing displayed on it?  So just a bright, all-white, screen?

I haven't encountered that issue, though I might not have installed the very latest development version.  What I have found is that sometimes the auto-turnoff of the backlight (when the ipod is not shut down, but just no buttons have been pressed recently) doesn't happen.

Yes. I have to put backlight off manually and then shutdown (long press play) to shut down properly. Otherwise it remains a white lit screen with its consequential battey drain.
I tried with latest stable version and dev

Odd.  I haven't had that happen. Not on a dozen different rockboxed ipods 5th and 7th gen, all using recent rockbox versions.  Possibly there is a hardware issue with your ipod?

Does it shut down correctly with the original firmware?

I had an ipod a long time ago that thought it was constantly connected to a USB charger, which caused it not to shut down properly and to drain battery quickly.  I think it was something amiss with the 30-pin port.

If yours works with the original firmware, then that is a puzzle.  But I have several in front of me right now, with recent rockbox builds, and they are all correctly shut down with the screen dark - so I can't see that it's a rockbox issue.

Edit - unless it's a _very_ recently introduced bug, like the very latest dev build - I think these are all using builds from a few days ago.

OK, just tested the very latest dev version with an ipod video and it works correctly - screen goes off when shut down.  Can only suggest it might be a hardware issue with your ipod.


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